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Livros 3D infantil | Nana pocket 3D

This software, together with the book "Cacau´s Birthday" allows you to see the characters in 3D and interact with them. The software and book are available in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish, allowing you to listen to the music and speech in your native language.
The "Cacau's Birthday" kit is composed of two books and the software. The first book, 22cmx14cm in size, has the characters that appear in the scenes. The second book, small in size 12cmx10cm, only has scenes, making the appearance of  Cacau's friends seem like magic! This book is great to carry around in your pocket!
The kit was created by educational professionals in order to encourage reading, helping to foster an enjoyment of reading through play ...
Play with Cacau, the beautiful brown puppy dog, and his friends; Tom the crab, Felipe the penguin, John the frog, Hannah the butterfly and Rosie the parrot!
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