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Cacau and the love for education and technology


Two friends and one project, the passion for education and technology have united even more the educator Erica Quiroga and the phonoaudiologist Marina Ghetler, which became business partners in an innovative project, directly connected to the 3D world.


Due to the lack of apps with educational and entertaining value for her daughter that was about one year old, Erica saw an opportunity: Develop software for toddlers ,apps were chosen due to the growth on the mobile segment

Marina’s always been a head user of technology, they both saw the idea and started developing it and adventured themselves on the field

That’s where it all began, with an established project, Erica and marina searched what was needed for this new company.  

Our first product was named ”Bebê Céu”,a game developed for Iphone, with an prime objective to entertain and educate in an healthy and lucid way by resources that were interactive, in little to no time, Erica’s daughter, and for her and her friends surprise, the first words pronounced by Erica’s daughter were the words contained on the game

The partners have seen clearly interactivity were a very effective educational tool, allied to music and colors it could become a very interesting tool.

The software was very successful, among several ideas of what could be a role model, what would be more adequate than a dog?

Cacau was based on a dog owned by Marina, that even in old age(11 years old),kept his qualities: Playful, curious, smart, loyal and friendly, a truly role model to teach kids of several ages

As result of that we get the book/toy”Cacau’s birthday”.
Our team will develop new personalized products that will come to life to show you Cacau and his friends lives, bringing interactivity to your kids.

Come with us on this adventure!

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