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¿Vamos a la fiesta de Cacau?

The kit"¿Vamos a la fiesta de Cacau?" is formed by an app and 2 books,the first book,whos e size is 9’x9,5’,complete with reinforced pages in 8/10’ and high quality printing,the second book,small whose size is4,5’x4’,perfect to transport on your purse,there’re only the scenerys ,no characters!

The magic happens when you use the app that comes with the books,it’s free and can be downloaded on apple store

After installing the app Nana Pocket 3D Digital,click the start button,put your Iphone a foot away from the book,wait for the camera to focus on any page of the book and you’ll see beautiful animations on 3D and interact with the characters

The Kit was developed by educators to stimulate reading skills,teachinhg the kid while it plays

The kit is available in 3 languages:English,Spanish and Portuguese

Play with Cacau,the playful dog,and his friends Tom,the crab,Phil,the penguin ,John the toad,Annie the butterfly and rosie the arara!

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